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52 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Yemen. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Aden, Yemen12.81522369N 45.02938461EMiG-15Military11 Mar 20131
Aden, Yemen12.82734680N 45.03949356E2x small propCivil11 Mar 2019
Al Anad, Yemen13.19124889N 44.77250290EMiG-21Military11 Mar 2019
Al Anad, Yemen13.19463062N 44.77065659EMiG-21Military11 Mar 2019
Al Anad, Yemen13.18216991N 44.77681732ESeveral Su-22, MiG-21, L-39Military11 Mar 2019
Al Anad, Yemen13.18036079N 44.75290680E2x MiG-21?Military24 Jun 2020
Ataq, Yemen14.54559040N 46.82449341EMiG-15Military11 Mar 2013
Hodeidah, Yemen14.74127960N 42.97629166EAn-26Unknown11 Mar 2013
Hodeidah, Yemen14.74950123N 42.97848892E8x Il-28Military11 Mar 2013
Hodeidah, Yemen14.75886917N 42.98862457E2x MiG-21Military3 Feb 2018
Hodeidah, Yemen14.76476192N 42.99485016E2x Il-28Military11 Mar 2013
Hodeidah, Yemen14.76391125N 42.99272919EIl-28Military11 Mar 2013
Hodeidah, Yemen14.76307964N 42.99280548E2x MiG-15Military11 Mar 2013
Hodeidah, Yemen14.76204109N 42.98641205EIl-28Military11 Mar 2013
Hodeidah, Yemen14.76098442N 42.98690796EIl-14Unknown11 Mar 2013
Hodeidah, Yemen14.76176739N 42.98845673E3x half destroyed MiG-21Military3 Feb 2018
Hodeidah, Yemen14.76109314N 42.99114990EMiG-21Military3 Feb 2018
Hodeidah, Yemen14.74438858N 42.97655869EMiG-21Military3 Feb 2018
Hodeidah, Yemen14.74323750N 42.97686005EMiG-21 in destroyed shelterMilitary3 Feb 2018
Hodeidah, Yemen14.75524139N 42.98802948EMiG-21Military3 Feb 2018
Hodeidah, Yemen14.75217056N 42.98429489EMiG-21Military3 Feb 2018
Hodeidah, Yemen14.75911140N 42.99094772EMiG-21Military3 Feb 2018
Hodeidah, Yemen14.77454376N 42.98118973EMiG-21Military24 Jun 2020
Riyan, Yemen14.66977978N 49.37755966EAn-12? wreckUnknown3 Feb 2018
Riyan, Yemen14.64811230N 49.33132935EMiG-17Military11 Mar 2019
Riyan, Yemen14.65482903N 49.32136917E2x Il-28Military11 Mar 2019
Riyan, Yemen14.65620995N 49.32485199EIl-28Military11 Mar 2019
Riyan, Yemen14.65599442N 49.32814789E6x MiG-15/17Military11 Mar 2019
Sana, Yemen15.47046757N 44.22265244EMiG-23Military11 Mar 2013
Sana, Yemen15.45315647N 44.22204590EVarious wrecks (MiG-15s and helicopters)Military11 Mar 2013
Sana, Yemen15.44389343N 44.21191025ESu-7?Military11 Mar 2013
Sana, Yemen15.49003124N 44.22274399E3x DC-3, unknownUnknown11 Mar 2013
Sana, Yemen15.49198055N 44.22231674EB747Civil11 Mar 20131
Sana, Yemen15.49470520N 44.22183609EDC-6, Mi-8, wreckage of 2x B727Civil31 Jul 20201
Sana, Yemen15.49042034N 44.21548462EAn-12, Il-18, UH-1Civil24 Jun 2020
Sana, Yemen15.46160126N 44.21578598EVarious storedMilitary4 Nov 2014
Sana, Yemen15.48920727N 44.21672440ESu-22 wreckMilitary6 Oct 2016
Sana, Yemen15.48845291N 44.21644592ESu-22 wreckMilitary6 Oct 2016
Sana, Yemen15.48532009N 44.21569443EC-130, UH-1 wreckMilitary6 Oct 2016
Sana, Yemen15.48200035N 44.21581268EAn-26 wreckMilitary6 Oct 2016
Sana, Yemen15.47563648N 44.21845245ESu-22 wreckMilitary6 Oct 2016
Sana, Yemen15.47060585N 44.21900558ESu-22 wreckMilitary6 Oct 2016
Sana, Yemen15.46980000N 44.21660233ESu-22 wreckMilitary6 Oct 2016
Sana, Yemen15.46962929N 44.21755981ESu-22 wreckMilitary6 Oct 2016
Sana, Yemen15.46778870N 44.21626663ESu-22 wreckMilitary6 Oct 2016
Sana, Yemen15.46778297N 44.21725082ESu-22 wreckMilitary6 Oct 2016
Sana, Yemen15.48420334N 44.22394562ECRJ-900 wreckCivil6 Oct 20161
Sana'a - Military Museum, Yemen15.35307693N 44.20501328EMiG-17, more?Military18 May 2016
Ta'izz, Yemen13.68462563N 44.13664627EL-39Military3 Feb 2018
Ta'izz, Yemen13.67874622N 44.13607788EMi-8Military3 Feb 2018
Ta'izz, Yemen13.68006802N 44.13364792EMi-8Military3 Feb 2018
Ta'izz, Yemen13.67074776N 44.13529205E19x MiG-17, MiG-21, Mi-8Military11 Mar 2019