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21 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Zambia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Livingstone, Zambia17.82540703S 25.81678963EPembrokeMilitary21 Mar 20191
Livingstone, Zambia17.84853935S 25.85499191EChipmunkMilitary18 May 20161
Livingstone, Zambia17.82763863S 25.81492233EMFI-15Military19 Mar 20191
Lusaka, Zambia15.33374214S 28.43556023EVariousMilitary25 Dec 20172
Lusaka, Zambia15.41509247S 28.32136154EMB-326, MiG-19Military13 Oct 20161
Lusaka, Zambia15.31704044S 28.44440269EDC-3Military21 Mar 20191
Lusaka, Zambia15.41436863S 28.32288742EUnknownMilitary11 Oct 20161
Lusaka, Zambia15.33601475S 28.43047333EUH-1Military11 Oct 20161
Lusaka, Zambia15.33558369S 28.43349648EVarious helicoptersMilitary25 Dec 2017
Lusaka, Zambia15.31929016S 28.43949318ESmall propUnknown11 Oct 2016
Lusaka, Zambia15.32079697S 28.43948174EB737, DC-8Civil12 Dec 20172
Lusaka, Zambia15.31676388S 28.44363403ETwin propMilitary25 Dec 2017
Lusaka, Zambia15.33603573S 28.43433762EVariousMilitary22 Nov 20181
Lusaka, Zambia15.32558632S 28.45172501E2x DHC-5Military19 Mar 20192
Mbala, Zambia8.85948277S 31.33439064EJastreb (earlier images show a line of these, most moved to location #22491, but more may still be here)Military19 Mar 2019
Mbala, Zambia8.85723305S 31.33004189ESeveral JastrebMilitary19 Mar 2019
Mumbwa, Zambia15.08749008S 27.18890572EMiG-19, MB-326Military5 Sep 2015
Mumbwa, Zambia15.0841217S 27.18814087EvariousMilitary5 Sep 2015
Mumbwa, Zambia15.08575058S 27.18193436EMiG-19, MB-326Military5 Sep 2015
Mumbwa, Zambia15.07676888S 27.18854332EvariousMilitary5 Sep 2015
Mumbwa, Zambia15.07682037S 27.18630028E7x MiG-19, 2x MiG-15Military5 Sep 2015