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Zivko Edge 540 construction number list

Full type:
Zivko Edge 540
Sort value:
Edge 540
Search aliasses:
Edge 540, Zivko
C/n known:
Seen on c/n:
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

0010N540KCUnited StatesCivil
0011N321JAUnited StatesCivil
0012N540SHUnited StatesCivil
0015N42GPUnited StatesCivil
0016N540AWUnited StatesCivil
0017N541TWUnited StatesCivil
0018G-EDGYUnited KingdomCivil
N540JNUnited StatesCivil
ZK-ZAINew ZealandCivil
N789LUnited StatesCivil
0020N9NDUnited StatesCivil
0021N502NUUnited StatesCivil
N540BWUnited StatesCivil
0022N26HBUnited StatesCivil
N505NUUnited StatesCivil
0023N540HTUnited StatesCivil
0024N111DWUnited StatesCivil
N544ARUnited StatesCivil
N841MPUnited StatesCivil
0026N22ZEUnited StatesCivil
0027N669RBUnited StatesCivil
0028N540WCUnited StatesCivil
0029AN24KCUnited StatesCivil
0030N540WAUnited StatesCivil
0031KAN540SAUnited StatesCivil
0032N540WSUnited StatesCivil
0033N395JMUnited StatesCivil
N822MGUnited StatesCivil
0034N540DTUnited StatesCivil
0035N540SGUnited StatesCivil
0036AKN12NMUnited StatesCivil
0037AN24KNUnited StatesCivil
N540BFUnited StatesCivil
0038AN540PBUnited StatesCivil
N19ZEUnited StatesCivil
N540BMUnited StatesCivil
0040AN26VEUnited StatesCivil
N55ZEUnited StatesCivil
0041AN541HAUnited StatesCivil
0042N13VUUnited StatesCivil
0043N540MDUnited StatesCivil
0044N423KCUnited StatesCivil
0045N4767United StatesCivil
0046V3N540HAUnited StatesCivil
0047V3N721MDUnited StatesCivil
N842MPUnited StatesCivil
0049V3N14KNUnited StatesCivil
0050V3N513AGUnited StatesCivil
0051V3N31YMUnited StatesCivil
0052V3N806PBUnited StatesCivil
0053V3N540MHUnited StatesCivil
2010N540ZAUnited StatesCivil
2011N425NMUnited StatesCivil
2012N921TTUnited StatesCivil
2014N540RCUnited StatesCivil
2015N540TSUnited StatesCivil
2016N540TWUnited StatesCivil
2017N540TAUnited StatesCivil
2018N95DEUnited StatesCivil
N69540United StatesCivil
2020N888VGUnited StatesCivil
2021N149WAUnited StatesCivil
R2N802REUnited StatesGovernment Agency
R3N803REUnited StatesGovernment Agency
R4N804REUnited StatesGovernment Agency
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe